Lost Yearbooks

We’ve found some books that have students’ names on them and want to get them back to the rightful owner!

Is your name on this list? We’ve got your yearbook and want to get it back to you! Email us at Bulldogs@BurkeHighAlumni.com to make arrangements!

Yearbook YearName on BookGrad Year
2020Tayonna Kellogg2020
2020Lily A Sammons2020
2019Jaiden N Lindsey2019
2019Colton Morris2019
2019Kaylea Halstead2019
2019Ashley Blimling2019
2018Claire Anderson2021
2018Tyler L Gach2018
2016Sam Rife2016
2003David Manvitz2006
2002Miranda Vuagniaux2002
2000Libby Anderson2000
2000Alysha Ray2001
1999Kara Asal??
1996Caroline Hurley1998
1996Julie Linehan1996
1995Marta Gacek1995
1995Lewis Stapp1996
1994Dave Mayberry1994
1993Ceceilia Cerda1993
1993Shannon Wallace1993
1993David Mayberry1994
1992Brett Honig1994
1990Shelley Summers1990
1989Becki Fitzeham1992
1989Jahel Yaghoutfam1992
1989Kevin Hermsen1992