In memory of our classmates who have passed away.

Let us not dwell on the circumstances of their passing, but celebrate how they touched our lives. You may click on the classmates’ names to see their yearbook picture (if available). 

If you know of a classmate that has passed away, but is not memorialized here, please click here to send us a message.

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This classmate has passed away:

    John Baldus
    Mark Mahan
    Linda Sherman
    Bob Auerbach
    Bob Baker
    Steve Battiato
    Bill Burg
    Steve Cameron
    Karen Coffey
    Holly Debuse
    Mike Devish
    Thomas Ebel
    Robert “Bobby” Egermayer
    Marcia Enderle
    Debbie Ferlise Waters
    Kevin Firman
    Danny Frazell
    Merle Holling
    Cindy Hutton
    Steve Jasper
    Jim King
    Kathy MAcafoos
    Jenny Mickel
    Janie Powers
    Sandy Preston
    Dennis Rima
    Paul Schwietz
    Ken Sharp
    Laurie Smith Camp
    Larry Steele
    Dick Sullivan
    Cindy Vandercar
    David Walker
    Linda Watson
    Leann (Anderson)  Elkins
    Steve Ernst
    Nick Peterson
    Robert McClarrinon
    Cindy Ward

    Sue Menzies