CJ Jackson – Class of 1998

Chequetta “CJ” Jackson is a wife, mother, mentor, thought-leader, status quo challenger, business owner and life-changing coach who is passionate about helping women and youth girls become the Chief Executive Designers & Executors in their own lives! CJ holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications, a master’s degree in Project Management and several technical, leadership and coaching certifications.

CJ’s journey to becoming an empowered and boldly confident woman began as a child in Omaha, NE. Growing up surrounded by domestic violence, sexual, drug, and alcohol abuse, her sense of what she calls “The Triplets” (self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence) were challenged in a variety of ways. Through the encouragement of Bill Scarborough (a Burke high school teacher/coach), she joined the girls track & field team her sophomore year in high school. Through the sport of track & field and with the help of her mentor, Crystal Simpson (also a Burke Alum), she begin restoring the building blocks of her triplets, a journey that would take her several years into adulthood to master.

In 2010, she took her love and lessons learned from track and field at the prep and collegiate levels and transitioned into a USA Track and Field youth coach. From 2010 – 2015, as a sprint coach with the Boys and Girls Club Track & Field Team, she discovered that while vital, the fundamentals of sprinting became less of the focal point of most her coaching sessions. She developed a passion that was built spending more and more time helping young girls overcome the barriers of low self-esteem and confidence. In her professional career, CJ also found herself doing more peer-to-peer mentoring and identified that many adult women were also struggling with managing their triplets. These engagements were the catalyst to CJ embarking on a journey of understanding the multi-layered, complex topic of the truths and myths surrounding confidence in women.

In 2019, CJ teamed up with Marquis Haynes and the Keys Foundation to create the Confidently Me! Mentoring program. This program serves youth girls ages 10-18 and utilizes custom curriculum that focuses on building self-esteem and self-confidence through a variety of activities built around education, exposure, and experience. CJ currently sits on Burke High School’s Freshman Academy Advisory Board, where she brings her unique coaching and mentoring experience to create effective solutions in helping students find their paths to success. In 2021, her passion for working with women and youth girls led her to formally launch ConfidentlyMe! Coaching LLC, where she focuses on creating powerful and permanent results by helping women become empowered to walk boldly in their confidence to create the life they desire to live. CJ credits her strong sense of confidence to being grounded in her faith and being surrounded by great coaches and mentors that have pushed and challenged her to operate in excellence. CJ’s motto: Learn how to be boldly and unapologetically confident in everything that you do and everywhere that you go!

CJ is married to Robert Jackson. They have two children (Devon and Simone). In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, supporting her kids’ school & sporting events, long walks in the park and listening to music.