Future plans: I will be going to Kansas University and will be majoring in Psychology. I’m very excited to leave Omaha and explore new opportunities!
School Involvement: I have been a part of Burke Theater all 4 years at Burke and have been on the Thespian Board for 2 years.
Favorite Memory/Tradition: My favorite tradition at Burke would probably be getting food with new people in between when school gets out and the production. It was fun to get to know the new people better.
Teacher Shout-out: I’d like to shout out Miss Osborne as both times I had her I had a great learning experience. I felt like I could really be myself in her classroom.
Hobbies/Interests: Some of my hobbies include watching teen dramas, reading comic books and playing video games. I also post hilarious and interesting content on both my Twitter and YouTube channel.